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Every effort will be made to add services that you may need.

Need a more professional image?

Don't need a full-time office, just occasional support?  Need to establish an Albuquerque or centralized New Mexico presence in a new market before hiring a staff? Tired of receiving telephone calls and business mail at home?

Even if you don't need a full-time office, we can help you create a full-time professional image.  Imagine the advantages of combining your small office, home office or business expansion with the backup of a corporate infrastructure.  With a Spain Professional Building virtual office package, you'll benefit from professional services like a personal answering service, mail receiving and more that are available to you when you need them, but for a fraction of the cost of a full-time office.

Professional environments that include power technology from conference rooms with T1 internet access to cutting edge telecommunications, and trained on-site administrative support.  Spain Professional Building provides you with the tools you need to succeed, regardless of your company's size or requirements. 

Virtual Office Packages

Mail receipt package includes:
Corporate identity package* includes:
   - Corporate business address   - External signage
   - Receipt of all incoming mail      - Mail receipt package
       - Telephone answering package
Telephone answering package* includes:
   - Professional conference room
   - Personalized telephone answeringAdministrative services
   - Voice mail system allowing 24-hour    - Available on standard terms at
     answering and retrieval     preferred rates
   - Direct dial telephone number   - Fees billed per terms of agreement

   - Accessible during business hours
*Fees associated with package

     with no appointment necessary


Private Office                                                    Notary on site*

Full time receptionist*                          On-site management*

 -  Monday thru Friday 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM        Professional conference room*

Secretary services*                               - Conference table and chairs

  -  2 hours per month free                                    - White board

  -  3+ hours @ $20 per hour                               Building Access 24/7

Personalized answering service*               After hours access to the building

Telephone                                        - Alarm system

  Offices are equipped for:                                  Common Areas

   - voice lines                                                     - Coffee and Tea

     - data line                                                         - Bottled water

     - Cat 5 data port                                               - Outside sitting and eating areas

Telephone equipment charges​                            - Microwave

    - Call for prices                                                  - Refrigerator

High speed internet access - fiber optics         Break Room

   - Call for prices                                               ​ External and internal signage space*

UPS, FedEx, DHL pickup and delivery to          -​ Street location*

   your office                                                        - Building entry location

Mail delivery to your office                                  - Suite entry location

All utilities ​                                                      Private and semi-private patios in 

 - Electricity                                                            select units 

 - Janitorial twice per week                                 Fee based services available* 

  - Maintenance                                                      - Copy machine

                                                                             - Facsimile

                                                                             - Telecommunication installation

                                                                             - Internal and external signage

*Included in virtual plans

Virtual Offices

Spain Professional Building can provide as many different solutions as there are needs for something less than full-time office space.  You drive the business, we'll run the office.